I Need Your Help!

The Heart of the Problem span workbook coverYears ago, I asked the publisher of The Heart of the Problem to translate the workbook into Spanish. It simply never became a reality. But, thank the Lord, things have changed!

A few months ago, I requested the rights back from the publisher for The Heart of the Problem. I am very grateful for the many years that B&H published and distributed the work and that they granted my request. This granting of rights back to me has allowed me to produce this new resource.

Now, the primary place to acquire any of The Heart of the Problem resources are now from www.kerryskinner.com.

So, after many hundreds of hours of work, The Heart of the Problem is now available in Spanish!

Here Is Where I Need Your Help

Would you help me to spread the news that it is available? Maybe your church has a Spanish speaking ministry, a mission connection, or you have a friend who is a Spanish Pastor. Would you take the time to share with them?

Would you consider purchasing a copy and gifting it to the ministry so they can discover the wonderful truths from the Scripture that helps all believers to walk in the Spirit?

Also, would you email me to let me know if you do know someone with whom you could share the message?

In the paragraphs below, I am attaching the description for you to share with them. Thanks for your help!


El manual de trabajo El corazón del Problema es una guía personal para obtener la victoria sobre los pecados que dominan su vida. Se basa en dos principios bíblicos extraordinarios por su simplicidad:

  • No hay remedio humano para el pecado
  • La única cura para el pecado está en Cristo

Cristo lo limpia de su pecado y le invita a andar en el Espíritu. El antídoto para la vida en pecado es claro y abundante en la palabra de Dios. Este estudio le ayudará a encontrar las defensas bíblicas contra el pecado, a memorizarlas y aplicarlas a su vida diaria.

Los doce capítulos detallados se dividen en cinco lecciones diarias. **El manual de trabajo de El corazón del Problema** será de gran ayuda para quienes buscan la guía de Dios, confrontándolos con sus pecados difíciles y desconcertantes, para luego mostrarles la provisión de Dios en medio de su situación. Este libro usa docenas de historias interesantes de la vida real para ilustrar cómo Dios moldea y transforma la vida de los pecadores a diario, alejándolos del consejo falso del mundo y de un razonamiento falible hacia el camino de la justicia y victoria real.

**HENRY BRANDT** –Pionero de la consejería bíblica.

Por más de cinco décadas Henry Brandt ha sido consultor internacional, educador, consejero, escritor y conferencista y ha impactado la vida de miles de personas. Su legado en este ministerio está escrito en el corazón y la vida de generaciones de hombres, mujeres y niños de todo el mundo.

**KERRY L. SKINNER** – Pastor, escritor, consejero bíblico

Kerry ha fungido como pastor por más de treinta y cinco años con énfasis en el discipulado cristiano y la consejería bíblica. Ha sido coautor de muchos libros con el Dr. Henry Blackaby y el Dr. Henry Brandt. Kerry actualmente es el pastor principal de la Iglesia de Northway en Woodlands, Texas.

Kerry L. Skinner

Pensamientos que transforman vidas

How To Fight Back! by Henry Brandt

How To Fight Back! by Henry Brandt
Boxing Gloves hanging against an old wood wall

Boxing Gloves hanging against an old wood wall

Like most people, you may yearn for serenity in the midst of conflict. But what price are you willing to pay for such peace?

For many persons, the cost is too high. The grudges they bear are too precious to surrender. It would be too great a sacrifice to give up complaining. They enjoy these more than peace!

“Do you mean I’m supposed to be happy when my husband treats me the way he does?” a woman asked tearfully. It was true that her life was one of tribulation. Yet if God is the God of all comfort (2 Cor. 1:3-4), He gives comfort in tribulation. If you as a Christian have no more peace in a trying circumstance than the non-Christian does, then you must, like the non-Christian, battle by wit or will power to free yourself. Happiness will depend on your ability to stay on top, therefore you must always keep up your guard.

Does being peaceful mean that you cannot resist your circumstances, or even the people who oppose you? No. Peace is not a state of unity between you and another person. Peace lies within you. You may feel for the Lord’s sake that you must resist someone who is making unjust demands on you. If you can resist without being a furious or crafty person, you can have peace while resisting.

A man who is out of his head may attack you as if you were his worst enemy. In your effort to control his actions you do not have to consider him your enemy. You might even have to hit a drowning person hard on the chin to save him and yourself. But you would not be hitting back in anger.

It is the same in dealing with a rebellious child, or a marriage partner who subverts your standards. Resistance may be called for. But unless you can enjoy inner peace while engaging in the outer conflict, you had better postpone the resistance until first you take care of your own problem.

Surrender your anger, your closely guarded bitterness, your selfish maneuvering. Let God put within you the fruit of His Spirit. Then with His peace as the wellspring of your emotions, face the troublesome world around you.

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