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Interested in a Career in Biblical Counseling?

Have you ever considered a career in Biblical Counseling? As Dr. Skinner traveled and led conferences for many years, individuals would inquire of him where they might receive training and certification for the message that he was sharing. Now Dr. Skinner can prepare you to become a Certified Biblical Counselor through a combination of a Residency and Online Training Program.

New Residency Weeks Announced

Feb 20-24, 2023: Location-GA. TBD
March 20-24-- Bridge of Faith Church, Rockaway Beach, MO
Jun 19-23, 2023  Location-GA. TBD
July 24-28, 2023 Location-GA. TBD
Oct 16-20, 2023  Location-GA. TBD

Welcome to ThinkLife Change by Dr.Kerry Skinner

The key truths found on this website are based on God's Word and our key and pivotal book entitled, "The Heart of the Problem." If you are looking for a place that provides resources for true biblical counseling and revival, you will find many here! Do you need help in knowing how to make decisions about key struggles in your life but want to do it from a biblical perspective? Discover the heart of the problem as KLS/LifeChange Ministries provides a wealth of resources through books, audios, ebooks, and videos from Dr. Kerry L. Skinner and his mentor, Dr. Henry Brandt (now gone to be with his Lord).

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