Paul Ezelle

God impressed me in my recent quiet times to witness to people of my past, the ones that knew me long before I knew Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit would not leave me alone abou t this call. I did not want to do it as they knew me all too well…my faults and my shortcomings. They knew me when I did not even recognize their impiety because of my own godlessness. I eventually surrendered and cried out, “Okay God, you win! Please get me in front of people in my past so I can share the Gospel with them.”

The secular envelope has been pushed to its limits and yet people are still finding themselves completely empty and very lonely. Can God use me as an instrument of revival? God doesn’t fool around. He immediately started opening doors of opportunity.

A former golfing partner of mine from the 1980s was a PGA Professional. He later became a college golf coach. He “accidentally” ran into me. You could see the light bulb turn on in his brain before he approached me and said, “Paul, would you consider being my assistant golf coach for my college team?” Yes jumped out of my mouth so fast that he was taken aback and said, “Wow, don’t you Christians have to go off and pray about things first?” I told him I have already prayed for this “opportunity” before you even asked.

Is revival at hand?

A couple of weeks later I was at the Leap of Faith-Lambeau in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This was a time when over 10,000 believers gathered at the home of the Green Bay Packers to return to God through repentance. While there a classmate of mine from grammar school called and said, “Hey Paul, you have been on my mind recently. I was wondering if you and your wife would like to come over and go for a swim in our pool and sit around and talk about old times.” I jumped like a frog and exclaimed, “Absolutely I would love to come over and talk with you! How does Sunday week sound? We can come over after church.”

We arrived at their home and shared what was happening in each other’s life. His wife said, “I heard you speak at our local neighborhood garden club a few years ago. You talked about your paramedic career and what to do in case of a medical emergency. You also mentioned having a heart attack, dying and actually going to heaven. Can you elaborate on that for us?”

Is revival at hand? I quietly thanked God for His leadership in my life and proceeded to share with my long lost friend the Good News and how I am that rare person that can actually prove heaven exists and that Jesus is alive. I personally visited Him in heaven for five minutes one day back in 1990 during a near death experience.
I could not wait for the next person to call me. I got out my old address book and started calling them. God is up to something. I just want to remain in Him and Him in me so He will bear much fruit through me. I know, apart from Him, I can do nothing, especially witness to people who knew me so well before Jesus Christ became my personal Lord and Savior. I do believe revival is at hand!

Paul Ezelle

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