Steps for Online Biblical Counselor Training (BCT)

Courses can be purchased individually or as a package.  To obtain a KLS Biblical Counselor Certificate students must complete all course work in the 6 course online training package. The BCT Online Training 6 Book Set is used in conjunction with the online courses and can be purchased at at a discount.   Books are purchased separately from the online courses but are required for each course. Go to BCT Bookstore to purchase books.  Students must have internet access to complete all courses.

To purchase a course(s):

  1. Online Courses can be purchased here.  After a prospective student purchases the course they receive a email that gives them a link to complete their registration. (If you didn’t receive the email check your spam folder.)
  2. Click on the link and fill in the registration form including setting up a user name and password.  The student will receive a registration complete email. (save this email)
  3. The student’s user name will also be used for all courses the student purchases in the future.  If a student purchases another course, this student will be given access to that course with the same user name.(Make sure you are logged in before purchasing additional courses to have access added to your existing account.)
  4. Once registration is complete, the student can log in on the online training page at  www.kerryskinner.com/online-training/.  They will be directed to the my courses page that will display all the courses the student has purchased, audio and video files, and other files that are helpful in counseling.

To take quizzes:

Students are to read the daily assignment for Heart of the Problem or the next chapter for the other 5 courses they might be working on, and then log on to www.kerryskinner.com/online-training/ and take the associated quiz.

  1. If the student passes the quiz they may proceed to the next chapter or daily assignment.
  2. If the student fails the quiz they must wait until the next day to take it again.
  3. Courses can be completed at the students own pace.
  4. It is recommended that students listen to all audio messages listed on the audio page during the time they are completing their course work.
  5. Once the student completes each course, they will be able to download a signed certificate of completion via email in one week.
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