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Welcome to Think LifeChange Online Biblical Counselor Training (BCT).  Do you have a desire to help deliver people from life-dominating sin with the Word of God? Want to help your family grow closer together and become Christ centered?  Have a desire to see marriages reconciled? Then, biblical counseling which begins with the message found in the book, "The Heart of the Problem" is where you should begin.

At Think LifeChange we believe that if sin is the problem, there is no human remedy. That means that Christians should be the most qualified individuals to lead people to the cure.  The goal of online BCT is to equip you with the information you need to prepare you for this task.  Not only do we want to give you information; we want to lead you in your own journey to the freedom that comes from being a victorious believer in Christ.

These courses are designed to guide the students through the study of six key books authored by Dr. Henry Brandt and Dr. Kerry L. Skinner. You will also have access to links that will allow you to ask personal questions about course material or areas you are dealing with in your own life or the lives of others you are helping.

The material that you will study in this course has been time tested by Dr. Henry Brandt and Dr. Kerry Skinner for over 50 years in real biblical counseling situations.

In our day it seems confession is common but true repentance is rare.  BCT will give you the tools you need to effectively lead people to freedom from life-dominating sin.

What you will receive...

Training in the six books* covered in the course:

  • The Heart of the Problem
  • Breaking Free From the Bondage of Sin
  • The Joy of Repentance
  • Marriage God’s Way
  • I Want to Enjoy My Children
  • Word for the Wise

You will be able to listen to audio messages from both Dr. Brandt and Dr. Skinner dealing with specific topics to be studied.

As a new biblical counselor, we will give you some practical tools of counseling as you look at entering the counseling room for the first time.

Each of these courses can be taken individually, but to receive the Biblical Counselor Training Certificate you have to complete all the training.

*All books are purchased separately.

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5. Select the lesson and take the quiz
6. Have the book associated with that course in hand and start your training.

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