Laity Care Information

Laity Care Centers exist in churches of different denominations and cultures who have the same focus for biblical counseling in the body of Christ. If you develop a Laity Care Center using our materials we ask that you be consistent with unity of spirit and purpose in the use of God’s Word as the main text for guidance in dealing with life problems. There are other wonderful resources you may choose. We request that should you begin a Laity Care Center that any resources you use would not be in conflict with our resources.

This website provides free resources for beginning and functioning as a biblical counseling center. This includes logos, business cards, brochures, counseling forms, applications for LCLs, and attendance report forms.

Our prayer is that you would consider linking with us through the ministry of biblical counseling to begin training God’s people to help those who need a place of hope, care, and prayer.

LAITY CARE NON-MEMBER CHURCHES: I would like to inquire about starting a Laity Care Center

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