Attractive Testimonies

Attractive Testimonies

What do attractive testimonies look like to godly people?

…for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. For he who serves Christ in these things is acceptable to God and approved by men. Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another. Romans 14:17-19, NKJV

What kind of Christian do you like to be with?

Think for a moment about the Christian who has most influenced your life? What character did they display that attracted you to their life? It was probably the fact that they lived a consistent life for the Lord—or perhaps they never seemed to buckle under a load but stood strong through trials and temptations. It may have been that you were attracted to their constant joy or peace in their life. It may have been that they always had a word to say about what God was doing.

Christians are attracted to persons who testify for Christ.

One morning at church I was talking to one of the most positive Christians I have ever known. I asked, “How are you?”
He said, “I can’t complain!”
I said, “Good, I don’t like to be around complainers, do you?”
He said, “No, I’m around them all the time.”

Spirit-filled Christians don’t enjoy complaining. You cannot be spirit-filled and forget to testify about what Christ has done for your life. In fact, the more you testify of Christ, the more positive you become!

Christians are also attracted to persons who testify by serving Christ

If you have a servant heart, then you will see where God is at work and serve Him in that place. Loyalty to Christ is our work. So many Christians try to work for God without knowing Him. God desires our service to be in knowing Him. Knowing Christ will result in obedience to Christ. Christians are attracted to other Christians who do their work as unto Him!

Christians are attracted to testimonies about the person of Christ

If your testimony makes anyone wish to emulate you, it is a false testimony–it is not a witness to Jesus. But, as you give testimony to Christ others are attracted not to you, but the Spirit of Christ that lives in you.

Oswald Chambers said, “To say ‘I got the victory’ is a selfish testimony; the testimony of the Spirit of God is that the Victor has got me.”

Why would other Christians be attracted to your life? Would they see the Spirit of Christ living in you so much that they wanted to know more about Christ?

Churches and Truth

Churches and Truth

What to Expect?

Churches and truth should be what we expect! Yet, when churches present the truth they tend to be criticized because their ministers upset people when they preach about the sinfulness of man and the inflexible standards of the Bible. Once I had a long conversation with a fellow counselor about the value of “deeper life” conferences, in which the details of the ideal Christian life are discussed. He felt very strongly against this type of conference. He believed it did irreparable damage because after such a conference a wave of very upset people came to him. That they could not attain perfection greatly disturbed them.

People have often turned to me as a counselor because their pastor has upset them. Having listened to him preach about sin, they feel guilty and inadequate. As they relate the details of their stories, it invariably turns out that they are guilty and inadequate. They were much happier people before they began attending church, studying the Bible, and facing the truth. Therefore, could it not be reasonable to conclude that their problems were caused by what they heard and read? To remove the cause would seem to relieve the person’s anxiety. And this has long been advocated. There is widespread pressure on ministers to preach “positive” messages and to emphasize the good in man.

Positive or Negative?

Ministers are pressured to emphasize the “good” and the “positive” because talk of sin and the negative is upsetting and causes anxiety and worry. Of course, the knowledge of sin produces such results. But the immediate comfort of a person is of little value if there is, in fact, sin in the person’s life. To diagnose sin, however disturbing it may be, is a positive act.

The minister, counselor, or friend cannot determine what the diagnosis will be. I cannot determine what my client brings to me. If there is selfishness, touchiness, irritability, stubbornness, rebellion, hate, or deceit within the person it simply is there. I didn’t put it there, but it is my responsibility to point out its presence. This may be upsetting. But I have found no other way. I have never known a person to discover the sin that is causing his trouble by my dwelling on his good qualities. And I have never found a way of pointing out a man’s sin to him that makes him clap his hands with glee at the news. Jesus Christ emphasized this when He said of sinners:[Continue Reading]

Marriage Unity

Marriage Unity

Marriage unity is desired by every newly married couple. Sometimes a few months or years later, a couple discovers they are not in as much agreement as when they were first married.

A married couple told me this story. I will call him Brad and her Sally. The decision to yield their lives to the Lord was postponed again and again because, to them, becoming a Christian meant giving up a lifestyle that gave them much satisfaction. They believed that life would be dull, uninteresting, and frustrating without these pleasures.

Gradually, the way of life that they were clinging to was becoming more and more burdensome. They wandered into a church one Sunday and responded to the pastor’s invitation to ask the Lord to come into their lives. Then they decided to explore the Bible for direction into a fulfilling life. They found some strange sayings. As they put them into practice, they experienced joyful contentment that made the old way of life drab in comparison. There was nothing to give up. There was a far better life to take up.

The first principle that caught their attention was Jesus teaching His disciples:

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Mark 10:45

They thought that the ultimate in Christian living is to be served. Their idea of first-class living was taking a vacation at a resort where everything was done for them.

As Sally thought more about this verse, she had to face some truths. She was becoming more and more aware of Brad’s tendency to look out for himself and ignore her needs in their marriage. He was coming to the same conclusion about her. They were beginning to nurse a growing and unspoken grudge against each other. For example, when she came home after grocery shopping, he used to come to the car to greet her and carry the groceries into the house. Gradually, his greeting shifted was delayed to when she came into the house. It seemed to her that he then reluctantly went out to bring in the groceries.

To move from avoiding being helpful to being willing to help each other has[Continue Reading]

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