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New Residency Week Announced

April 8-12, 2019
Flower Mound, Texas
(First Baptist Church)

Career in Biblical Counseling?

Have you ever considered a career in Biblical Counseling? As Dr. Skinner traveled and led conferences for many years, individuals would inquire of him where they might receive training and certification for the message that he was sharing. At the time he knew no place to send them. Now Dr. Skinner can prepare you to become a Certified Biblical Counselor through a combination of a Residency and Online Training Program.

Certification begins with a Residency Week

It is an intensive learning experience designed to teach you background, history, message, and skills for biblical counseling.

Steps in the Process:

  • Fill out Application and pay first half of cost
  • Attend one-week residency training
  • Complete 6 online training courses within 6 months of the conclusion of the residency
  • Payment for 2nd half of cost prior to beginning student practicum
  • Complete student practicum within 8 months after completion of the online training

Benefits of Think LifeChange Institute for Biblical Counseling

  • Provides a network to other like-minded biblical counselors.
  • Provides biblical training to have the right message and methods of biblical counseling.
  • Provides credentials that gives comfort to a pastor/church in having you serve as a pastoral/biblical counselor in or for the church.
  • Provides course training in professionalism, ethics, and legal requirements.
  • Guides the counselor in seeking professional liability insurance and credentials.

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