History of Revival

God’s Amazing Work!

An amazing testimony is found in a book titled, Measure Your Life by Wesley Duewel. Duewel tells the story of a man named Stephen Grellat who walked very closely with God and obeyed the Lord even when he did not understand all of the details or circumstances surrounding God’s direction. One day God’s Spirit urged Grellat to go preach in a heavily forested area of America. When he arrived at the location where God had instructed him to go, all the little shanties were empty for all of the loggers had left. Can you imagine what must have been going through this man’s mind? What would you have done? Duewel shares that, “He was so sure that he was sent by God that he went into an empty shanty and preached to the bare walls the sermon that God had placed upon his heart. He then returned to his … [Read more...]


Are you slow to anger? Are you quick to respond in defiance? Is there any Godly discretion in your life? Are you looking for recognition? Are you looking for approval or are you satisfied to walk in service to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be approved by Him? During this season, let the following be a challenge to personal renewal. The following was printed and handed out during Boston’s Awakening of 1909 under guidance of Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman: original–source unknown. Given to me by Devin Bell during our doctoral residency at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. When you are forgotten, or neglected, or purposely set at naught, and you smile inwardly, glorying in the insult or the oversight–That is Victory!  (John 13:26-30; 2 Timothy 4:16-18) When your good is evil spoken … [Read more...]

Revival! A People Saturated with God

Edwin Orr, one of our greatest authorities on the subject of revival, reported having seen two churches in a town in America both advertising revival meetings. One displayed a board saying, “Revival here every Monday night,” while the other promised: “Revival here every night except Monday!” If nothing else, that reminds us how loosely the word has been used. In America it has often been used in place of the word mission or campaign. It is something a church arranges, men organize, and God may or may not bless it. Revival swallows up all other words as the shark swallows the shrimp. So, historically, what does the word revival refer to? The church historian James Buchanan defined revival as “the imparting of life to those who are dead, and the imparting of health to those who are … [Read more...]

A Decade of Revival—1900-1910

Author: J. Edwin Orr Summary: Kerry L. Skinner The Timing of the Movement Why did it occur when it occured? Within ten years, the awful slaughter of World War I had started, and a gentler way of life passed into the twilight of history. Arnold Toynbee, reminiscing, recalled the trauma of the time, when half his classmates died in battle. Chapman’s biographer stated in review: “God in gracious providence was reaping a spiritual harvest before He permitted the outburst of revolutionary forces…The harvest is gathered before the field is doomed to death.” it did not begin with the Welsh Revival of 1904–05. Beginnings in Prayer The first manifestation of phenomenal revival occurred simultaneously among Boer … [Read more...]

J. Edwin Orr, Notes on the Beginnings of the Mid-Twentieth Century Awakening

(London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1952), pp. 160-211 Reviewed by: Kerry L. Skinner The Movement Among Ministers Two hundred years ago, the labors of the Irish evangelists William and Gilbert Tennent gave rise to a great revival in American Presbyterianism, out of which issued Princeton. Gesswein brought in Dr. J. Edwin Orr as the principal speaker, though Dr. Harold Ockenga of Boston played an important part in the ministry too. Matthew Henry once said: “When God intends great mercy for His people, He first of all sets them a-praying.” The Movement Among Students At the March 1949 Pacific Palisades Conference, the Editor’s two friends, Bill Dunlap and Jack Franck, received a rather vague … [Read more...]

Campus Aflame: A History of Evangelical Awakenings in Collegiate Communities

Author: J. Edwin Orr Reviewed by: Kerry L. Skinner The Evangelical Heritage This book deals with evangelical Christianity, not Roman Catholic or others such groups. Some today consider the Christian college, with students numbered in the thousands, an unwelcome remnant of the past. It is wise to recall that in the United States, as in other countries, there was a time when all higher education, not to mention elementary education, consisted of such Christian colleges. The Christian college has no need to apologize for its existence. It was the pioneer. A Puritan Londoner, the Reverend John Harvard, who bequeathed 779 pounds, 17 shilling, and 2 pence toward the pious work of building a college, established in 1636 and named for its patron. The Evangelical Revival Pietism … [Read more...]

Eight Keys to Biblical Revival

Author: Lewis Drummond Reviewed by: Kerry L. Skinner Introduction and Prologue: As 1860 was ushered in, the Fortune, Garrick, and Sadler Wells theaters of London opened their door for Sunday evangelistic services. During the revival one million new members entered the ranks of the British churches. But the question still surfaces: What actually takes place, in principle and in final results, during revival times? Perhaps even more important, what produces a great awakening? James Burns in his classic work Revivals, Their Laws and leaders points us in the right direction They hold that revival occurs among the people of God as they repent and spiritual vitality is restored. Then, … [Read more...]


When you are forgotten, or neglected, or purposely set at naught, and you smile inwardly, glorying in the insult or the oversight–That is Victory! (John 13:26-30; 2 Tim. 4:16-18) When your good is evil spoken of, when your wishes are crossed, your taste offended, your advice disregarded, your opinions ridiculed, and you take it all in patient and loving silence–That is Victory! (John 8:48-50; 2 Tim. 4:16-18; 2 Peter 2:20-21) When you can bear with any discord, any irregularity and unpunctuality, any annoyance–and are content with any food, any raiment, any climate, any society, any solitude, any interruption–That is Victory! (Phil 4:11-13; Heb. 11:3-11; Acts 27:21-25; 2 Cor. 4:8-10) When you never care to refer to yourself in conversation or to record your own good works, … [Read more...]

Sermons of the Rev. Samuel Davies

Vol. 1; Soli Deo Gloria publisher, 1993 Report by Devin Bell Reason for publication: First printed in 1770 the sermons of Samuel Davies were received well, and rightfully deserved a widespread reading. As Thomas Gibbons the original publisher wrote; “I most sincerely wish that young ministers more especially would peruse these volumes with the deepest attention and seriousness, ... in which if I mistake not, are the following excellences, most worthy of imitation.” Reprinted in 1854 by the Presbyterian Board of Publication, this excellent collection was not reprinted until 1993. Perhaps a statement made by Dr. D. Martin Lloyd-Jones that “You Americans do not know one of your greatest preachers,” then offered the name of Samuel Davies as “The most eloquent preacher … [Read more...]

Hero for Humanity: A Biography of William Wilberforce

Belmonte, Kevin (Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress, 2002) A Synopsis by Harris Campbell Chapter 1. Foundations William was born on August 24, 1759, in the English port city of Hull. He was named after his paternal grandfather, Alderman (William) Wilberforce, who had built great wealth in the Baltic trade and had inherited considerable properties from his mother. William was the only son of four children to Robert and Elizabeth Wilberforce. He and one sister, Sarah, survived to adulthood. His parents were “religious according to the old school”(p. 26), likely nominal adherents to the Church of England. Robert died in 1768, and his mother had a lengthy illness shortly thereafter, forcing William to be placed in the care of his uncle William Wilberforce and aunt Hannah for about two … [Read more...]

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